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Johan, Runé and our friendly staff will be delighted to welcome you!  You can expect to experience a truly amazing African safari! We offer a various number of hunting, fishing and eco-tourism packages. We offer trophy and non trophy packages, wingshooting as well as custom hunting packages upon request. In addition to this, we offer three star accommodation at multiple locations due to a high number of non hunting activities in and around our area. 



We set up packages with animals that are popular and generally requested by our clients. These packages are at a well discounted rate to leave you with sufficient funds to cover other items such as flights and taxidermy bill.

Hunting In Africa

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aBOUT Johan

Welcome to Johan Petzer Safaris!
Johan, Runé and our friendly staff will be delighted to welcome you to your adventurous safari where you will experience only the best we can offer. The usual duration of a hunting safari is 7 to 11 nights but can be according to your preference of the number and species of animals hunted.

At Johan Petzer Safaris we hunt throughout the year, however, the best time to hunt is from mid April to mid August. The climate is mild during this period and favourable for hunting.
Our team will be pleased to help organize and plan your unforgettable African adventure, ensuring a memorable and successful time spent with us!  We prefer to host small groups at a time as we believe in keeping each individuals’ experience to an absolute maximum!

 Johan Petzer Safaris offers a three star accommodation, incredible South African cuisine, stunning air conditioned rooms and a relaxing entertainment area with incredible views and free Wi-Fi.

Johan Petzer Safaris is totally family oriented, so bring along your wife and children. Our swimming pool, pool table, table tennis, darts and many board games are encouraged for the use of all our guests.

Non-hunting members of the party can be entertained with a guided tour on a game viewing vehicle, quad bike or walking trails. Many other activities are also available locally such as horse riding, sea or river fishing, canoeing, health and beauty spa, cheetah breeding program visit, big five viewing safari, SANPARKS and shopping trips to any nearby shopping centers and we will be pleased to organize any of these activities for you. 

The call of the wild. The breath taking sunsets, each one as perfect, yet different from the previous one. Time seems to stand still as you absorb and appreciate our African safari.
We value your visit and offer our clients an incredible African experience!

Why hunting with us is special

Johan, a well-respected Outfitter and Professional Hunter, is also qualified as a dangerous game Professional Hunter. He is a standing Professional Hunter with over 12 years of experience. Johan is fully qualified to lead both plain game and dangerous game hunts. 


Johan has hunted 8 of the 9 provinces in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique.
Johan has also hunted abroad in places such as Pakistan, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Johan has also written some short stories of his experiences across the African plain in some local magazines. Johan believes in making your safari a page turner of a Safari!


Dedicated to hunting professionally and ethically, we believe that sustainable conservation and empowerment of local communities form key to our success. Our mission at Johan Petzer Safaris is to share a unique part of South African nature while maintaining a high sense of conservation through sustainable utilization. This landscape offers magnificent moments with roaming wildlife including the world renowned Big 5!


Johan Petzer Safaris, just 40 minutes from the world-renowed Cape Town which annually attracts millions of tourists from around the world. We offer unforgettable hunting and non hunting activities to foreign and domestic clients. Whether it is hunting you are after or a series of hunting and non hunting activities for you and your family, we have the perfect package for you!